Composite Films


You are planning to protect meat, sausage or cheese from spoilage and present your products perfectly at the point of sale? Our thermoforming PA/PE composite films offer the best barrier properties and a wide range of applications. Your products cannot only be packaged with our films, but they can also be cooked or matured in them.

Carefully selected, high-quality raw materials from innovative, renowned suppliers and constant further development of the film construction as well as production processes result in first-class films. All film types have one thing in common: they guarantee an optimal and aesthetic product presentation and ensure smooth processing due to their excellent machinability. Find out more here.

Composite Films Types

Available Bag Dimensions

Bag width: 80-650 mm

Bag length: 200-1300 mm

Round Bottom Seal

Fresh Meat, Processed Meat, Shipping large pieces of meat and for export purposes

Straight Bottom Seal

Block Cheese, etc.

Side Seal

Salami, Sausage, Cold Cuts, Semi-finished products or finished products cut in half, fresh meat

Perforated on Rolls

Easy bag dispensing with minimal space usage

Taped Bags

Ease of use for automatic or semi-automatic filling of the bag

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We look forward to helping you with your search for optimal fresh food product protection. Our staff is available for your inquiry and we thank you for your interest.