PREMIUMfresh 75

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ABOUT This Product

PREMIUMfresh 75

The durability, transparency, and high gloss of PREMIUMfresh 75 is the optimal shrink packaging for sharp-edged products, such as bacon, whole chicken or chicken in pieces with bones. PREMIUMfresh 75 is also a great ageing bag for beef and veal. The food industry particularly appreciates PREMIUMfresh 75 as a packaging option for safe shipping. PREMIUMfresh 75 can be found in our diverse product portfolio including shrink bags and shrink tubing.


Meats and cheeses with sharp edges, poultry with bone, demanding shipping conditions. For more information see Product Recommendations.


 ➤  Advanced gas and water vapor barrier

 ➤  Superior shrink rate (up to 50%)

 ➤  Overlap sealing capability

 ➤  Excellent transparency and gloss

 ➤  UV light resistant

 ➤  High puncture resistance

 ➤  Great sealing properties


 ➤  Thickness: 75 µm

 ➤  PET outer layer

 ➤  EVOH barrier

 ➤  PA layers for puncture resistance

 ➤  Does not contain PVDC

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