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ABOUT This Product


PREMIUMflow is a newly developed EVOH based 9-Layer shrink film for any type of Flow Pack machine, dedicated for shrink film applications, and especially designed for upholding our PREMIUMPACK quality under very fast production rates and cycle times. The film is quickly formed on the machine and then vacuumed, sealed and shrunk around the product on a following automatic or semi-automatic vacuum belt machine.



Fast production rates and cycle times with the use of Flow Pack machines for fresh and processed meat without bones, ripened cheese, sausages and cold cuts (PREMIUMflow 45), meat with sharp edges or bones (PREMIUMflow 75), or high-gassing maturing cheeses (PREMIUMflow HG).


 ➤  Advanced gas and water vapor barrier

 ➤  Superior shrink rate (up to 50%)

 ➤  Excellent transparency and gloss

 ➤  UV light resistant

 ➤  High puncture resistance

 ➤  Great sealing properties


 ➤  Thickness: 45, 75 µm

 ➤  PET outer layer

 ➤ EVOH barrier (for PREMIUMflow 45 and 75)

 ➤  PA layers for puncture resistance

➤ Special sealing layer to ensure seal ability on Flow-pack machines

 ➤  Does not contain PVDC

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