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ABOUT This Product


The technology behind PREMIUMmax is designed for the most demanding puncture resistant conditions for a variety of applications including sharp bone-in meat packaging, while offering optimal shrink rates. PREMIUMmax makes packaging processes more efficient because it eliminates the additional use of bone guards, while the risk of high leaker rates and product recall rates are kept to a minimum. PREMIUMmax can be found in our diverse range of products including shrink bags and shrink tubing.


Meat with sharp edged bones (e.g. spare ribs, T-bone steaks, loin cuts, lamb shanks). For more information see Product Recommendation.


 ➤ Industry leading puncture resistance

 ➤ Excellent gas and water vapor barrier

 ➤ High shrink rate (up to 35%)

 ➤ Overlap sealing capability

 ➤ Excellent transparency and gloss

 ➤ UV light resistant

 ➤ Great sealing properties


 ➤  Thickness: 95 µm

 ➤  PET outer layer

 ➤  EVOH barrier

 ➤ PA layers for optimal puncture resistance

 ➤  Does not contain PVDC

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