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Vacuuming has become a common method for making food more durable, not only in the industry. Even smaller companies from gastronomy or butcher shops, but also private households have discovered this practical method, using smaller vacuum equipment for this purpose. The principle of vacuuming is relatively simple: A pump sucks the air out of the bag, which is then sealed airtight. Compared with industrial vacuum machines, however, small vacuum devices usually do not apply the same tractive force during air extraction. The undesirable consequence is that too much air and oxygen remains inside the bag, which reduces the shelf life of the food.

Structured bags are available in various formats

The best option to solve this problem is allfo‘s structured bag, a further development of our proven side seal bag, which is available in various formats. The innovative FleeceVak bag ensures optimum air discharge and has been especially designed for customers who evacuate their bags by means of snorkel-type machines or vacuum machines without chambers. The special structure on the inside of the bag is completely food-safe. In vacuuming, structured bags are as effective as vacuum chamber machines: The decomposition process by microorganisms and enzymes is efficiently decelerated, which is also ensured by the 90my PA/PE barrier film. Easy, reliable sealing inhibits unwanted air-penetration.

Shelf life is increased by a factor of three to five

Structured bags also provide the benefits of vacuuming, preserving important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The food will not undergo changes in appearance or flavour while the shelf life is gently increased by a factor of three to five. Further advantage: Due to the extraction of air, the packaging becomes smaller, thus saving a lot of space in refrigerators or refrigerated counters.

As vacuumed food can also be frozen, the capacity of the freezer is less affected. By the way - there is no need to worry about freezer burn.

The benefits of our structured bag:

⦿ Very low air-penetration rates due to reliable seal

⦿ Long shelf life ensured by the integrated PA/PE composite film’s extreme barrier properties

⦿ Short packaging times

⦿ Long-lasting vacuum pump

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