VAC 95+


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ABOUT This Product

VAC 95+

It is new, it is sustainable, it is recyclable: the new vacuum bag VAC 95+ Special feature: It has the same barrier properties as the classic PA/PE vacuum bags and keeps food fresh and appetizing at the highest level. The VAC 95+ is manufactured from a recyclable polypropylene structure, which can be declared as highly pure in the AAA category. The sealing properties of the vacuum bag, which was created in the company's own laboratory and application technology center, are also impressive.


With VAC 95+ you achieve the recycling rate

Why a new bag? The aim of this environmentally friendly new development is not only to contribute to protecting the environment. Rather, this bag facilitates the efforts of companies to achieve the legally required recycling rate. Your customers are also increasingly asking for it. We now deliver the innovative answer with the VAC 95+. You have the reassuring feeling that you can add a groundbreaking product to your portfolio that is as powerful as ever. As usual, these bags are used to pack sensitive foodstuffs such as meat, sausages, fish or seafood. But cheese, potatoes, ready meals or vegetables also stay fresh longer and are protected from spoilage during transport and on the store shelves.


Certified quality

Vacuum bags made with this new recipe can be identified, sorted out and processed into high-purity recyclates in state-of-the-art recycling plants. This has now been officially recognized: For the latest generation of bags, allfo has now received the EU-wide certification of the institute cyclos-HTP in the highest category recyclability class AAA.


The VAC 95+ at a glance:

⦿ Fully recyclable

⦿ Very good sealing properties

⦿ Best barrier properties

⦿ Certified by cyclos-HTP as high purity in the AAA category

⦿ Can be used on all vacuum chamber machines

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