Side Seal Bags


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ABOUT This Product

Side Seal Bags

Would you like to store food while retaining its freshness and aroma to finally present it attractively on the shelf? Then our side seal bags, which have been specially developed for vacuum chamber machines, are the right choice. We manufacture the so-called three-edge vacuum bags in various formats from high-quality PA/PE barrier film, which we produce in our state-of-the-art facilities. The PA (polyamide) provides an oxygen barrier and aroma protection, while the PE (polyethylene) ensures a moisture barrier and excellent sealing properties. Our classic is the transparent side seal bag with a thickness of 90my.


Side seal bags with high-performance film layers

Side seal bags with high-performance film layers optimally fulfill the requirements for packaging meat, meat-products, fish, cheese, delicatessen and convenience food. The stable gas barrier ensures maximum product safety and aroma protection. Our customers highly appreciate the excellent printability and benefit from the low air-penetration rates due to the high tear and puncture resistance of our side seal bags.


Tested quality at a high level

Allfo side seal bags are also suitable for non-food products from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and industrial sectors. We carry a wide range of special composites for particular applications or product presentations. In order to assure you reliable and fastest delivery, we keep an extensive assortment of side seal bags in various formats in stock.


The diversity of our side seal bags:

⦿ Silver/Silver (metallized)

⦿ Transparent/Check pattern (red, green, blue)

⦿ Transparent/Silver/Gold (metallized)

⦿ Transparent/Black

⦿ Material thicknesses from 75my to 220my

⦿ Also available as a pair bag

⦿ Tear-open tape (VakTape)

⦿ 175 different sizes available at any time

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