PREMIUMfresh 45

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ABOUT This Product

PREMIUMfresh 45

The ultra fine and puncture resistant PREMIUMfresh 45 shrink bags and shrink tubing are the superior shelf life package for a diverse range of products including fresh and processed meats, ripened cheese, poultry, and fish. Its shrinking rate of up to 50% makes every packaged product visually appealing. Its advanced EVOH barrier protects products against oxygen and other gasses, which translates into longer shelf life.


Fresh and processed meat without bones, also ideal for sausages. For more information see Product Recommendations.


 ➤  Advanced gas and water vapor barrier

 ➤  Superior shrink rate (up to 50%)

 ➤  Overlap sealing capability

 ➤  Excellent transparency and gloss

 ➤  UV light resistant

 ➤  High puncture resistance

 ➤  Great sealing properties


 ➤  Thickness: 45 µm

 ➤  PET outer layer

 ➤  EVOH barrier

 ➤  PA layers for puncture resistance

 ➤  Does not contain PVDC

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