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ABOUT This Product


Premiumcook was designed to offer a shrink bag for cooking and shipping which eliminates the repackaging process and reduces labor cost. It can either be used as a Cook-In Ship Bag to protect products up to the POS or as Cook-In Strip Bag for in-plant processing. The unique composition of our material and high shrink rates help to minimize drip and weight loss during the cooking process which helps to present the product in an attractive, glossy way.


PREMIUMcook shrink bags are suitable for Cook-In Strip application for meats like hams, meats and other deli meat products where prolongation of help life is required.


 ➤  Shrink rate (up to 35%)

 ➤  Reduction of drip and weight loss

 ➤  Long shelf life due to EVOH barrier

 ➤  UV light resistant

 ➤  Surface pasteurization at a high temperature

 ➤  Long-time cooking at a lower temperature


 ➤  Thickness: 45 µm

 ➤  PET outer layer

 ➤  EVOH barrier

 ➤  PA layers for puncture resistance

 ➤  Does not contain PVDC

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